OK, so what's with the name?
Yes, it's a pen name. It was originally adopted to protect the guilty.  Some people reading "The Management Secrets of T. John Dick" might think they recognize character traits or incidents and relate them to real people.

Is T. J. a real person, then ?
Well, no. He's an amalgam of all the boneheads I've worked with or for. I've been privileged to know some world-class corporate bozos in my time. He's not based on any specific person. Nobody in the book is.

You mean people like this really exist?
Oh, yes.  I spent over 15 years observing them in their natural habitat. I think readers everywhere will be able to relate to the kind of arrogance and breathtaking incompetence described in the book. Wherever you work, you're bound to observe the same things - though perhaps to differing degrees.

Are you afraid some ex-colleague might recognize himself in your book and be offended?
No. People like T. J. and the other boneheads in the book would never recognize themselves.  After all, nothing is ever their fault. They would never make such blunders. Besides, as I said, no characters are based directly on real people. My lawyer tells me I have to say that, but it's true.

At least some of the incidents in the novel must be based on real events?
Of course, but only loosely. I really did watch a colleague courageously make a presentation, despite a really bad case of diarrhea. Some of the ludicrous "team-building exercises" described in the book are based on ordeals to which I was subjected. The Pumpy the Possum ad campaign is based on a real marketing folly. But I never saw anybody actually killed by mismanagement. In retrospect, this may have been something of a miracle.

You spent over 15 years in a large company. Is there anything you miss about corporate life?

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