Hickory, NC March 17, 2003
North Carolina publisher Mainland Press has published "The Management Secrets of T. John Dick," a hilarious send-up of corporate life, as seen through the eyes of one of the world's most incompetent and infuriating company executives.

The author, Augustus Gump, spent many years as a product manager at electronics manufacturing companies in Europe and in Hickory, North Carolina. He swears that the bumbling ineptitude of the lead character and others in the novel are not based  specifically on anyone he met during this time.

Says Gump: "I think this kind of bonehead behavior will be familiar to anyone who's ever worked in a corporate environment. I have been privileged in my time to work with some truly world-class bozos, but I'm sure I'm not unique in this."

The novel describes the ups and downs of disaster-prone Marketing Manager T. John Dick, as he tries to lick SuperPumps, Inc. into shape. Why will nobody observe his new Meeting Room Reservation Procedure? Why does his company's largest customer threaten to set his dogs on him if he ever comes near him again? Why does his arch rival seem to be winning the race for the company's top job, despite T. J.'s obviously superior qualifications?

Author Gump invites us to marvel at T.J.'s unique management style as it leads him into a succession of bizarre and occasionally fatal mishaps. Will he overcome the odds to win that coveted job? Should he have had that plate of shrimp before an important presentation? And what is that smoke coming from his golf pants? Through it all, T. J. never loses faith in his own unique abilities, invisible to all but himself.

Mainland Press editor Elizabeth Glynn describes "The Management Secrets of T. John Dick" as "the perfect antidote to the serried ranks of worthy business tomes that assault the weary traveler in airport bookstores," but also believes it will raise a chuckle with anyone who's ever been touched by the corporate world - managers, secretaries, engineers, or just anyone who feels the need of a good laugh. "Perhaps people should give a copy to their boss!"

"The Management Secrets of T. John Dick is available from Amazon.com, most local bookstores or direct from the publisher at www.mainlandpress.com.

"If you work in an office, pick up a copy of this book. You'll definitely laugh. And you may cry too, because T. John Dick is too close to the truth."
Greensboro News & Record

"Laugh-out-loud funny….destined to be a classic."
Hickory Daily Record

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