Conover, NC April 1st, 2012
It was a long time coming, but North Carolina  publisher Mainland Press has released "The Rise and Fall of T. John Dick," a much-anticipated sequel to author Augustus Gump's acclaimed debut novel, "The Management Secrets of T. John Dick."

Like the earlier novel, "Rise and Fall…" is a hilarious send-up of corporate life, as seen through the eyes of one of the world's most incompetent and infuriating company executives.

Nobody has more confidence in the abilities of marketing executive T. John Dick than TJ himself, so when a bizarre series of events lands him in the hot seat at SuperPumps, Inc., he soon sets about firing anyone who interferes with his ability to think outside the box and focus on the big picture. But even he is shaken by the treachery that puts SuperPumps in mortal danger. Maybe he shouldn't have fired everyone who could help him in his hour of need.

The "Rise and Fall of T. John Dick is available from, most local bookstores or direct from the publisher at

The book is available as a paperback and in ebook format for Kindle and Nook.

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About the Author
Augustus Gump, spent many years as a product manager at electronics manufacturing companies in Europe and in Hickory, North Carolina. He swears that the bumbling ineptitude of the lead character and others in the novel are not based  specifically on anyone he met during this time.
He is the author of numerous short stories and humorous articles which have been published in the Charlotte Observer and in other publications. He is possibly the most famous author living on his street. In 2005 and again in 2009, he did not win a Pulitzer Prize.

Author Interview

Why a sequel?
You might well ask. After all, it's over ten years since the first book. During that time, I kept thinking about TJ. He is an infuriating character, but he kind of grows on you, and you want to know what he'll get up to next. I kept trying to fight it, but in the end I gave up and wrote the darned book.

Are there any major differences between the two books?
Well, most of the main characters are back, and TJ has lost none of his misplaced self-confidence, at least at the start of the book. He's still full of harebrained ideas. Maybe the biggest difference is that this book is more plot-driven than "The Management Secrets…" More stuff happens.

There are some pretty obvious allusions to a certain Shakespeare play.
I don't think Shakespeare will mind. If I'd been around in his day, he would have been welcome to copy my ideas. Fair's fair. The allusions to Macbeth are really just for fun. The book doesn't really stick to the story or draw much inspiration from the play. Also, I have an Australian character, something which Shakespeare never thought of.

Any plans for a sequel to the sequel?
Check back with me in ten years.

Augustus Gump --
Literary Giant

About Mainland Press
Mainland Press publishes humor with literary flair. Whether it's a novel, a story collection or non-fiction with a high chuckle factor, we put our name to only the best new writers of comedy and the classics of humorous writing from throughout the English-speaking world.


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Author Interview
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